Why Is Pilates With Rolling So Great?

How Does Rolling Achieve the Pilates Body Sooner?

If you've participated in one of my full body workouts, you know we feel the amazing effects after one class and see them after about four.


Pilates was created for the sole purpose of bringing the body into its most correct physical state of strength, flexibility and alignment. We move in powerful ways that wake muscles we didn’t know we had.

That’s all great, but what every body is unique. One person may have a tendency toward round shoulders while another may have a hip imbalance. Another may have low back pain or knee issues.

These all require not only strengthening and stretching muscles but maneuvering them back into place. This can be done to an extent with chiropractic care and sports massage. But the most effective way is the practice of Structural Integration, similar to and derived form Rolfing.

Those certified in Structural Integration go through rigorous training in understanding the way all our muscles work together to maintain proper movement and balance. They learn to identify specific ways someone’s habit of movement, work, and personality have caused imbalances and pain. They do this through an extensive interview with their client. Then they set to work manipulating muscles and releasing fascia (connective tissue) on their mostly passive client. This usually requires about ten sessions.

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Breakfast Medicine For Your Cold


I'd made it. I unfolded my chair and slipped my warm cup in the mesh net. Ahhh. Little Alan in my lap, we nestled in a long row of other chairs and strollers. Packed along the side were rain gear, extra hoodies, water bottles, and…the snacks! The depth of human dread and humiliation lurking through my body reminded me of the last time I left bags of orange slices on the counter.

Yup, that was me. That parent who had to drag her toddler all the way back to the van, lose her perfect parking space, and wait in a long line at the “convenience” store to buy overpriced prepackaged snacks because my name was on the list coach passed out a month ago. The list I'd magnetted to the frig. The list with today’s date highlighted.

I should cut myself slack. My husband was attending an invitation-only Olympic Development Program in Ohio with our ten year old soccer enigma. I did have four other children. I would be delivering two of them to games later that day...during my nap time. And oh yes, I was pregnant.

And some of you wonder why I'm so happy these days.

"Cut yourself some slack Judy." I'd say. But growing up with eight athletic siblings had developed my competitive side. I loved getting things done and getting things right.

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How to Make a Good Breakfast Shake

Two Breakfast Shake Recipes

There are a few simple ingredient guidelines I follow when preparing a healthy breakfast shake.
Always include:

  1. Good fat
  2. Good Protein
  3. Great carbs
  4. Clean water

I've created two new ones that make me feel like a prancing filly all morning. That being said, please don't go for more than four hours without a small snack like carrots or a palm of walnuts. Avoid fruit if you're pre-diabetic or are trying to lose weight.

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“The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning develops the body uniformly, corrects posture,
 restores vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit.”