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Answers to Common Questions at GreatPilatesNow

Pronounced puh-LAH-teez, Pilates strengthens the center of the body to reduce stress on the joints. Your spine becomes more flexible and your torso more stable. This wonderful process works through your extremities as well! For example, people will tell you that you look better because your head and neck will be more lifted and flexible! Practicing Pilates consistently will help you become more aware of, and in control of your body. You can immediately start appearing younger by regaining balance, strength and coordination you may have had years before. You will sleep better, eliminate more regularly, enjoy daily activities more, feel younger, enjoy sex more and be able to try new activities without the worry of possible injury. You'll find yourself saying "I can do more!"
I've received complete training from Relief Through Rolling founder Kevin Lucas in 2016 because I realized alignment and relief of pain are greatly enhanced though properly stretching and strengthening with Pilates AND relaxing deep massage. You can schedule a massage after your workout for upwards of $60 a session OR I can teach you to properly use a foam roller and get pain relief, greater mobility, and schedule it at the best time for YOU. In most Pilates with Rolling classes we work out and then I go through a few ways to massage your muscles during the cool down phase of the Pilates workout.
Once you have become a Great Pilates Now member and log in, you will be immediately directed to the Video Library page where you can just click on the category, then the Pilates workout class or discussion. Your class will begin immediately. If traffic to the site is high, you may need to pause your Pilates class until you see that it is completely buffered then click the play button. For best results, place a mirror near your screen so you can see your body while working out.

Remember to log out when you finish your workout. If you choose to use another computer without logging out, the system will not allow it.
Once you have successfully logged in, a link for "My Account" will appear in the top right of your screen. Simply click on this link to view your account details. Don't forget to log out when you're done.
Easy! Once you have become a member simply log in and go to the Video Library. On the Video Library page you will find a button with "My Workout History & Favorite Classes". We ONLY make this available to our members. Click on the link and explore the workouts you have recently viewed as well as any Pilates workouts that you have marked as a Favorite.

You may find this resource a useful feature especially when you want to repeat the same Pilates workout multiple times per week. Enjoy!
In certain cases, yes. If you have brittle bones or an injury you must get your doctor's OK before joining Great Pilates Now. If you have a condition like Fibromyalgia or Arthritis, it's imperative that you keep moving your body. If you've had a recent foot or ankle surgery just skip the standing movements or take the Chair Pilates Classes and you will greatly benefit by what Joseph Pilates was famous for: strengthening the body during the recovery process! In most cases doctors have already encouraged their patients to try Pilates. If you have symptoms like chronic low back pain or muscle tension, Pilates has long been identified as the best solution!
You don't have to. Unlimited access to all Great Pilates Now classes is provided in the affordable $19.95/month membership fee or $119 for one year unlimited membership. After joining Great Pilates Now just go to the Pilates Video Library, choose from the dozens of Pilates classes and start your video to work out!
Never. You are free to end or pause your Great Pilates Now membership at anytime.
To pause or end your subscription simply do the following:
  1. Log in to your Great Pilates Now Account.
  2. After you log in, click on the link: "My Account" in the upper right of screen.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the "My Membership" section. Click onto the "Cancel Membership" icon.
  4. Select the "Order ID" / "Invoice ID" from the drop-down menu and then click onto the "Stop/Pause Membership" button. A new window will appear confirming success. You must hit the "OK" button to complete the request.

Your automatic recurring billing plan will be stopped and a Stop/Pause Membership confirmation email will be sent to the email associated with your account.

Please Note: A Gift Membership does not have an auto recurring payment, therefore; the "Cancel Subscription" button is not displayed as an option.

If you are unable to pause or end your own account you may contact us for assistance.
No. While there are many helpful Pilates products on the market. Great Pilates Now teaches you to use your mind to create strength in your body. We also believe in simplicity: Less is more. When you are traveling, for example, you can simply move the coffee table in your hotel and join in a Great Pilates Now workout. When you grow to depend on a certain piece of Pilates equipment for your workout, you are less likely to remain consistent without it. I don’t want to sell you more things. I want you to be healthy.
Of course not! Great Pilates Now is an online Pilates studio that is affordable and convenient to you, anytime, anywhere! Whether you live in New York, Paris, Chicago, Denver, London, Sydney, or even Tokyo, you can firm and tone with Pilates classes at home, on the road and even at work! With new Pilates workouts added weekly, you'll have dozens to choose from! High speed internet access (cable, satellite or DSL) is highly recommended for access to Great Pilates Now.
Yes, our spacious 1,600 square foot studio is located in the Metro Detroit Michigan area. Judy welcomes anyone who wishes to join a Pilates workout class. Please refer to Judy's Studio page for more info. Classes are $15 each for non-members and free to paid members. All Pilates sessions are 50 minutes long:
Sure! Private lessons with Judy are only $60. You may also purchase your very own personal DVD for $80. Please call  734-252-6140 to schedule your private lesson.
Physical ability has less to do with age and more to do with health level and potential for injury. People over 50 are great at knowing the limits of their bodies. Seniors, or those new to Pilates should start with some of the Pilates Stretching or Pilates for Beginners classes from the Pilates Video Library.
Judy is a Certified Pilates Coach by American Fitness Professionals and Associates. Her certification has been updated to an expert rating and she has been instructing 10 to 18 Pilates classes a week at fitness clubs, schools and large employers in the Detroit, MI area since 2004.

Judy has developed customized Pilates courses for a variety of special needs, including Chair Pilates, Pilates for Beginners, Intermediate Pilates, Pilates for Synchronized Swimmers, Pilates for Seniors, Pilates for Special Needs Children, Pilates for the Disabled and Handicapped, Pilates for Professional Athletes, Postpartum Pilates, and Pilates for Golfers, to name a few. Judy epitomizes the concept of "Pilates, anywhere, anyhow" as she has lead Pilates workouts at Health and Fitness Clubs; clients living rooms, basements or back yards; ocean front resorts, golf courses; Caribbean cruises and from her own home Pilates studio.

Validating her lifelong commitment to health and diet, Judy obtained her certification as a Wellness Coach through Livewell International in 2010. As a Mom of seven, she works to understand how to maximize and share her healthy lifestyle and energy through the practice and instruction of Pilates. She bases her approach to wellness on experts like Kat James ("The Truth about Beauty"), Dr. Ray Strand and Dr. Joe Mercola. As a certified Wellness Coach, Judy understands and employs the science and practice of an "anti-inflammatory" lifestyle. This basically means stabilizing your blood sugar and the most helpful ways to balance your fitness routine. Judy will include health, wellness and diet tips that Great Pilates Now members can use every day in the online Pilates classes, as well as the monthly newsletter and blog.
POP Pilates is an example of short Pilates video workouts found online. Because of the amount and variety of trainers posting these workouts, it is very hard to know what type of certification they have. Some have no training credentials. It is impossible to find sequenced workouts using open internet video postings such as YouTube.

When learning Pilates it is essential that the trainer begin with the careful gentle movements that reflect the body-readiness of the beginner. Though many of these are fun to watch, one can easily injure themselves by trying something out of sequence with their fitness level.

Judy’s Beginner Pilates category has several full length Pilates videos with repeated gentle, sequenced instruction on protecting yourself from strain or injury. The more advanced full length workouts are not recommended until members have attained body-readiness for that level.
“The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning develops the body uniformly, corrects posture,
 restores vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit.”