One-On-One Weight Loss Workout Plan

Online fitness and weight loss programs are helpful, but can leave you feeling a lack of personal care. With Great Pilates Now you receive my real time, one-on-one weight loss coaching and motivation along with hundreds of Pilates workout videos. Here I’ve created a virtual portal through which you and I will clarify your goals and get you moving toward them!

As your personal online weight loss coach, my desire is that you learn how to keep weight off! I will coach and empower you so you won’t need to cling to a commercial weight watching plan or get stuck with an online weight loss membership that won’t allow you to move on!

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When you enroll, I’ll contact you. You’ll be given the option to schedule your one-on-one, confidential consultation. There we will clarify your goals and map out the program most effective for you!

As consumers, we are continually barraged with weight loss tips. This can be overwhelming and contradictory! It feels like no matter what we do, it isn't healthy enough, or there’s something wrong with it. It’s no wonder people are simply giving up trying to lose fat.

I’m here to pull it together for you! I coach you through what is arguably the most practical, affordable, proven, personal, one-on-one weight loss plan around! Myself and hundreds of people are using it to lose weight, keep it off, and feel great doing it!

The purpose for my online weight loss and Pilates workout plan is to confidentially coach those who would otherwise feel incapable of doing Pilates exercises to learn enough to get started while beginning to lose weight so that they can more easily progress in their Pilates workouts.

When I began researching other online fitness and weight loss programs, my personal feelings ranged from disappointed to appalled. There were canned diet programs that the famous fitness coach's photo had nothing to do with. There were thin, wiry women demonstrating Pilates exercises that are impossible for people with weight loss issues; then telling them to eat less! Where did they get the idea that wanting to lose weight makes you less intelligent?

No more depending on some commercial diet program to keep from piling weight back on! I give clients wings to fly through my four week jump start to lifestyle change and my unique one-on-one weight loss coaching.

Certified in 2001, I have been a weight loss and Pilates coach for over ten years. I began Great Pilates Now so that my friends and clients could receive one-on-one weight loss and Pilates coaching without coming to the studio. There are testimonials posted throughout the site.

The GPN one-on-one online weight loss and workout plan will help train your brain to think in ways that keep you on track, while turning your body into a fat burner. I will coach you to "flip the switch" with processes that cause you to safely release fat and maintain your best weight for the long haul!

Why Pilates Workouts for Weight Loss?

This and my own story motivated me to put together a program for real people with real science on what causes cravings, lack of stamina, and how to turn that around. I do this in three ways:

  • The Latest Science on Reducing Cravings
  • Proven Processes that help you to Hang in There
  • Cardio Pilates Workouts tailor made for those beginning with a tummy

How do I Get Started?

Where do I go After Becoming a Member?

  • Log In - Click onto My Weight Loss then choose your selection from the Weight Loss Program Menu
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  • Watch - Related weekly Reflections video
  • Workout - Workout to related weekly Pilates Weight Loss video
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How badly do you want your new body? You know it is waiting for you. Please contact me personally and I will answer any preliminary questions via email within 24 hours.

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“The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning develops the body uniformly, corrects posture,
 restores vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit.”